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The BBQ Gazette, Issue #004 -- The Hot Brown
October 22, 2010

The Authentic Hot Brown

I love preparing great dishes using the leftovers from the grill or barbecue, and today's column will introduce you to one of the best sandwiches ever lie.

If you have spent time in Louisville, Kentucky you have heard of “The Hot Brown.” It is an open faced sandwich that traditionally includes crispy bacon, toast, sliced turkey, cheese and a cheesy Mornay or Bèchamel sauce. This is a fantastic way to use leftover beer can chicken, grilled or barbecued turkey. Any poultry could be used.

The history of the Hot Brown is very interesting, and is described as follows on the official website of The Brown Hotel. An interesting side note, Bill Murray's parents honeymooned at The Brown Hotel. I know that because he told me at a charity golf tournament a few years back.

“With so much to boast - award-winning dining, breathtaking turn-of-the-century architecture, and attentive, caring service - some may wonder, "Why the Hot Brown?" Here is the history behind this now legendary dish…

In the 1920's, The Brown Hotel drew over 1,200 guests each evening for its dinner dance. In the wee hours of the morning, the guests would grow tired of dancing and retire to the restaurant for a bite to eat.

Diners were growing rapidly bored with the traditional ham and eggs, so Chef Fred Schmidt set out to create something new to tempt his guests' palates. His unique creation was an open-faced turkey sandwich with bacon and a delicate Mornay sauce. Exemplifying our unending dedication to serving our guests, The Hot Brown was born!

And now The Hot Brown - a Louisville tradition with worldwide appeal - has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, NBC's Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, as well as being included as a regular entry in many of the finest cookbooks.”

You can view the recipe and an instructional video on how to make this great sandwich by Clicking Here. If you give this recipe a try, I can almost guarantee you it will quickly become your standard way of using leftover chicken or Thanksgiving turkey.

If you drink wine, a spicy Shiraz would be a great pairing. If you prefer beer, Amber ale or a lager like Oktoberfest, brown ale or a strong golden ale like triple would match up perfectly.

Dave is a BBQ enthusiast from Sellersburg, Indiana, and an official Kansas City Barbecue Society judge. You can contact Dave with your BBQ and grilling questions by visiting his website, Feel free to send him suggestions or questions for future columns. He encourages you to forward this email and encourage friends and family to subscribe to "The BBQ Gazette."

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