BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Chicken Wings

This BBQ chicken wings recipe is the real deal. My guess is that most of you don't have the type of BBQ set up I use in this video , but no worries.

You can use a weber grill with hickory chips and indirect heat to accomplish something really close.

The key is to remember that these are not "Buffalo Wings." These wings have a smoky flavor and are dipped in spicy BBQ sauce. It is a totally different taste than buffalo style wings. Don't get me wrong, I love buffalo wings. But, I also love these wings just as much.

Tips for BBQ Wings

These isn't a lot to explain here. All I do is cut the wings up properly and apply Cajun rub on one side and Fuzzy's Pork Rub on the other side. I like the combo of spicy heat with sweetness of the pork rub.

Once the wings are done I place them in a crock pot. I do not put the sauces on the ribs. Lots of people love just the smokiness with the spices.

I place a bowl of Fuzzy's hot BBQ sauce and Fuzzy's mild BBQ sauce on the side. I also place a bowl of blue cheese and a bowl of ranch dressing on the side.

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BBQ Chicken Wings Video

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