Barbecue Chicken
and Poultry

This section of will cover great barbecue chicken recipes as well as recipes from other types of poultry, such as turkey, Cornish hens and more.

We will use the smoker, the BBQ and the grill, and if I come across a dish that is worthy of moving indoors to the kitchen, I will share that with you as well

Poultry in general is inexpensive and versatile, and barbecue chicken is a "hallmark" of southern barbecue cooking.

History of Chicken

Asian Red Junglefowl

While we will cover recipes for all types of poultry, the main focus will be on chicken, and lots of barbecue chicken and grilled chicken.

In case you are interested, chicken is one of the oldest and most frequently domesticated animals in the world. In fact, there are over 22 billion chickens worldwide.

The domesticated chicken can trace its lineage back to the "Asian Red Junglefowl," which is pictured on the right.

Practically every part of the chicken can be consumed, and the bones can be simmered with spices and vegetables to create fresh chicken broth. When doing this, hens are suggested.

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Legitimate BBQ chicken wings

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