Grilling Fish and
Barbecue Seafood

Scared of grilling fish or barbecuing fish and seafood?

It's not as difficult as you might think, and knowing how will add a lot of variety to your grilling and BBQ experiences.

Also, if you are a man with a special woman in your life, show her her you are an expert by mastering some simple recipes that will make her mouth water.

Smoked Salmon

The techniques involved in grilling fish are pretty straight forward and simple for the most part. But, if you deviate from these commandments you are risking a less than satisfactory end result.

  • Clean Grill: This sounds obvious, but it must be done properly. DO NOT use soap and water, as this will result in a sticky surface. As a grill is used over time, the surface of the grill will become similar to a well used cast iron skillet, with oils being left behind. Simply heat the grill to high and then clean with a wire grill brush.
  • Cooking Temperature: Typically you will cook on medium high to high, as the grilling fish will cook quicker than other meats. It also promotes a searing effect that will keep the fish from sticking.
  • Use Olive Oil: After you have cleaned the grill, place olive oil on paper towel and quickly give the hot grill a quick rub. This will help prevent sticking.
  • Fresh Product: This is important with all types of meats, but when grilling fish and seafood it is doubly important. Fish should not have a strong fishy aroma. The eyes of the fish (assuming you are buying the entire fish) should be clear, not cloudy. Scallops should have almost a sweet aroma. Get to know what a fresh version of the fish or seafood you are working should smell like.
  • Don't Play With It: Once the fish is placed on the grill, don't play with it. Allow the heat to sear the fish which will allow the fish to easily release from the frill when it is time to turn it.
  • Don't Over Cook: You can always put the fish or seafood back on the grill. You can't reverse the damages of overcooked fish or seafood.
  • Don't Over Season: Most fish stands on it's own with herbs, or in some cases just a little salt and pepper. Always be careful with salt.

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