Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

I remember the first time years ago when I first heard of "beer can chicken." I thought...what the heck is that? But, I like beer, so I gave it a try.

This is now one of my favorite ways to BBQ / grill chicken. It's easy to do and the end product is as good as it gets. It is always moist, delicious and perfectly cooked.

Simply put, you shove a half empty can of beer up the rear side of the chicken and then prop it on the grill using indirect heat.

I always apply some good rub to the outside of the bird before placing it on the grill.

After an hour and a half you end up with golden, moist chicken like the picture above.

Below are some additional pictures to look at, but PLEASE view the short video below.

Here are a few pointers and then I encourage you to watch the video.

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Beer Can Chicken Packaged

Raw Chicken on Can
Finished Chicken Chicken Cut Up and Plated

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Beer Can Chicken Pointers

  • Use Beer You Like to Drink: Duh. Why would you use beer you don't like? Someone has to drink the half you pour out!
  • Use the Indirect Heating Method: This circulates the heat up and around the chicken as opposed to directly under the meat.
  • Use a Weber Grill: If you have a choice, use a Weber. Gas works "ok" but the best beer can chickens I have done are on Weber grills.
  • Use Hickory Chips: Using an indirect method these chips add GREAT flavor.
  • Don't Add Sauce and spices to the Beer: As cool as it sounds, sauces and spices do not steam into the meat. Trust me, I've tried it both ways. It's a waste.
  • Buy a Set of Silicon Gloves: Taking the chicken off the grill can be a hot proposition, especially pulling the cans out. Silicon gloves will protect you.
  • Check Out Accessories for Beer Can Chicken: There are accessories that eliminate the balancing act on the beer cans. Definitely a good investment.

Click Here to view the beer can chicken utensil.

Click Here to see the grilling gloves.

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Beer Can Chicken Video

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