Pulled Pork Recipes
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Grilled Pulled Pork and
Cheese Sandwich

Of all the pulled pork recipes, this is one of the greatest to use for leftover pulled pork. In fact, my son said it was the best sandwich he has ever had, and trust me, he's had a lot of good ones.

That made me feel good because I came up with it, and I love coming up with original food combinations that others haven't thought of.

You don't need a lot for this sandwich. The steps and ingredients follow, but if you can make a grilled cheese sandwich, you can do this. Of course you should have some smoky, leftover pulled pork on hand to reach the pinnacle of this great sandwich.


  • Leftover Pulled Pork: The smoky flavor is the key in my opinion, but if you did pork in the crock pot, that would work well as well.
  • Mild Cheese: If have have smoked pulled pork on hand, go with a mild cheese, such as a Monterey Jack or a Mozzarella. If you are using pork that doesn't have the smoky flavor, use a smoked provolone cheese.
  • Fuzzy's Mild BBQ Sauce: I love these sauces. The mild has a sweetness and a kick. If you want to make the REAL DEAL you need to have Fuzzy's sauce!
  • Fuzzy's Kicker: This rub has the kick to help revive the rub on the pork.
  • Whole Wheat Bread: Whole wheat bread adds a nutty flavor and a texture that I think is very important.
  • Real Melted Butter: the video will cover this, but melt your butter and spread it on the bread with a brush. I hate seeing people carve off a slab of cold butter and then rip the bread up trying to spread it on.

Grilled Pulled Pork and
Cheese Video

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